Stellar Grey Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 5, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

If you are looking for a sleek and modern Kitchen Worktops that’s also designed to blend seamlessly into your existing interior, the Stellar Grey Silestone Quartz Worktop is what you need. Stellar Grey Kitchen worktop features a deep grey base and a subtle metallic-coloured design that’s ideal for adding a bit of glamour to your Quartz Kitchen space. In addition to being able to create custom surfaces for your kitchen, Stellar Grey Silestone Countertops can also be utilised in your bathroom. The durability of Silestone Quartz makes it resistant to extreme temperatures.


This Stellar Grey Worktops is made with natural quartz that has been expertly bonded with resins and pigments. Silestone Kitchen Worktops resilient nature makes Stellar Grey Kitchen Worktops incredibly durable and will keep its sleek appearance for a long time. The strength and durability of Silestone Kitchen Countertops make it an ideal choice for Kitchen Countertops that require high levels of resistance to scratching and staining. Silestone Quartz Countertops are made up of 94 percent natural quartz, which makes Stellar Grey Kitchen Countertops incredibly resilient and hard to break down. Stellar Grey Quartz Worktops are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and it requires minimal cleaning products.

Stellar Grey Quartz Countertops feature an exclusive anti-bacterial treatment known as N-Boost. This nanotechnology works by reducing the stone’s porosity rating and making Quartz Kitchen Worktops a liquid repellent. The vibrant colours and textures of Stellar Grey Kitchen Remodelling quartz make it an ideal choice for areas that require high levels of resistance. Stellar Grey Polished finish is a high-gloss surface that’s resistant to dirt and stains. The Silestone Stellar Grey suede texture adds a natural stone look to Quartz Worktops. The Volcanic style is a rough and textured finish that’s ideal for industrial or modern Silestone Worktops kitchen.


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