Night Tebas 18 Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 1, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The Night Tebas 18 quartz surface is part of Silestone Worktops range of products. This Night Tebas 18 Worktops are dark black and has vibrant light specks that make it an ideal choice for any Quartz Kitchen Worktops design. Silestone Kitchen Countertops sophisticated design will complement any style and help highlight Night Tebas 18 Kitchen Remodelling features, such as appliances and cabinets. Night Tebas 18 Kitchen Countertops black quartz stone features speckles that give it a subtle yet refined look. Our Silestone Quartz Countertops are ideal for large living rooms and kitchens. The Night Tebas 18 Kitchen worktops collection by Silestone is part of the Mythology Series.


Night Tebas 18 Silestone Countertops can be used to create a beautiful and continuous design flow in your home or office. The Night Tebas 18 Kitchen Worktops stone collection is part of a Mythology Series that takes its inspiration from mythical Egyptian, Greek, and Roman structures. You can choose between matte or glossy finishes for your Silestone Night Tebas 18 work surface. Night Tebas 18 Silestone is made using natural quartz that has been treated with anti-stain technology from Spain. Like the rest of the Cosentino collection, this Night Tebas 18 Quartz Worktops resist bacteria growth without sealant.

The Night Tebas 18 Quartz Countertops collection from the Mythology Series is protected from viruses through a bacteriostatic treatment. This ensures that your Kitchen Countertops stays clean and hygienic even without regular care. The Quartz Kitchen collection by Silestone Kitchen Worktops is ideal for creating vibrant and spacious interiors. Silestone Quartz HybriQ technology is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The Night Tebas Kitchen Worktops collection by Silestone features a deep black surface that’s ideal for modern applications. The granite-effect texture of the Night Tebas Quartz Worktops can create a beautiful look in bathrooms and kitchens.


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