Lagoon Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 7, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The sleek and modern look of Lagoon Quartz Worktops is matched with its soft marble tones, which provide a warm and welcoming feel in any kitchen. Its natural quartz construction is durable and stain resistant, making it an ideal choice for Kitchen Worktops. The creamy white marble of the Lagoon Silestone Countertops features numerous grey vein patterns across it. Lagoon Kitchen Countertops are characterised by its intense and frosty appearance, which reflects the sunlight like ice cream melting in the water. Lagoon Kitchen Worktops are one of the few Quartz Worktops slabs that can perfectly replicate the look of Carrara marble without the inky veining.


The striking design of Silestone Lagoon features a marble-look Kitchen Countertops that’s complemented by a pale grey veining. Lagoon Worktops captivating patterns create a modern take on traditional and contemporary spaces. Our Quartz Kitchen Worktops are available in various finishes and sizes, so you can select the ideal Silestone Kitchen Countertops for your needs. The anti-stain treatment of the Silestone Quartz Countertops ensures it stays resilient and doesn’t need sealant. The Lagoon Kitchen Remodelling surface also features a bacteriostatic coating, which helps keep the Silestone Worktops clean and hygienic. We are an authorized suppliers of Silestone Quartz a renowned producer of eco-friendly quartz.

Our collection features the Lagoon quartz surface, which has a marble-like appearance and our Lagoon Silestone surfaces supports ecosystem. The liquid-resistant design of the Lagoon Quartz Countertops makes it ideal for cooking food directly on the worktop. The combination of quartz, recycled glass, and minerals used in Silestone Kitchen Worktops production and utilises the latest generation of technology, including HybriQ and HybriQ+. The new technologies help improve the colours and patterns of the Quartz Kitchen surfaces. With 100% recycled water and renewable energy, the Silestone Lagoon Kitchen surfaces are committed to sustainability.


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