Kitchen Worktops X Stone

by Sep 30, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

X Stone Kitchen Worktop is the latest addition to our company’s portfolio, the world’s largest ceramic tile specialist. Drawing on their extensive experience and expertise, they have created a large-format ceramic tile suitable for ambitious design projects, including kitchen worktops. X Stone was developed in response to the demand for a durable, functional, and elegant ceramic surface, employing advanced technology and the purest natural materials. Each large-format slab measures 154mm by 328mm and is available in both 12mm and 20mm thicknesses. This high-performance material is composed of sintered porcelain with pure minerals, produced using cutting-edge technological advancements.

Kitchen Worktops X Stone

Kitchen Worktops X Stone

Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material through heat and pressure, without melting it into a liquid state.  This process results in a technically advanced and durable large-format ceramic tile, perfect for everyday kitchen applications. X Stone Kitchen Worktop offers numerous benefits that make it ideal for kitchen worktops. It excels in scratch resistance and impact absorption, surpassing quartz, marble, granite, and other common solid surfaces in terms of durability and resilience. Its virtually non-existent porosity prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, eliminating odor accumulation and making it an exceptionally hygienic material for your kitchen.

It also exhibits resistance to domestic chemical products and is highly resilient against various stains, making it an indispensable element. Maintenance is a breeze, requiring no special cleaners. Kitchen Worktop X Stone boasts exceptional resistance to stains, chemicals, heat, burns, thermal shock, scratching, water, and UV rays. X Stone Aged Clay, for example, is a cream ceramic worktop featuring a range of tones, layered together to create a natural stone-like illusion, similar to travertine. Inspired by the timeless beauty of basalt stone, X Stone Aged Clay replicates this admired design with two distinct shades of grey: cream and dark. This stylish design brings a touch of nature into your interior spaces.

The material features a speckled background adorned with various crystalline patterns and sedimentary formations. Undoubtedly, Kitchen Worktop X Stone Aged Clay will leave a lasting impression with its captivating design. Our company’s X Stone worktops are generously-sized porcelain slabs created to infuse elegance, sophistication, and functionality into any style of home. This high-performance worktop material incorporates sintered porcelain and pure minerals, compacted using advanced technologies. X Stone worktops offer a multitude of benefits, outperforming marble, granite, and other stone surfaces. They are not only easy to maintain but also highly resistant to heat, stains, burns, scratches, thermal shock, UV rays, and water.

X Stone surfaces by Our company come in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors to suit your design preferences. From natural oak wood-inspired designs to bold white calacatta marble-style surfaces inspired by Italian marble, Our company’s surfaces are versatile and perfect for various uses due to their low maintenance, non-porous construction, and exceptional resistance to everyday wear and tear.

These worktops are waterproof, chemical and stain-resistant, scratch and impact-resistant, and have low emissions of volatile organic compounds, making them safe for prolonged contact with foodstuffs. Founded over 45 years ago in a small village near the Mediterranean Sea, Our company has dedicated decades to refining its technology and improving its manufacturing processes to consistently elevate the quality of its worktops.

Today, Our company Kitchen Worktop X Stone is a renowned brand for durable kitchen and bathroom worktops known for their exceptional design and robustness. With dynamic company ownership and an independent distribution network, Our company has expanded its presence far beyond its country of origin, providing high-end worktops that promise longevity to people across the globe. Having established operations in the US over 20 years ago, Our company has become a trusted source of quality worktops not only for US homeowners but also for builders, architects, designers, and businesses. Contact Us for more Information.

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