Ethereal Noir Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 12, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The Ethereal Noir Silestone Worktops features a deep black Silestone Quartz surface that is adorned with sparkling white veins that shimmer as it reflects light. Silestone Ethereal Noir sleek monochrome design also pairs well with white kitchen cabinets. Ethereal Noir Worktops can make any kitchen look stunning. The design of Ethereal Noir Kitchen Worktops is inspired by the elegancy and asymmetric properties of natural stone. Ethereal Noir Silestone Countertops sober lines and dark yet warm tones are ideal for Kitchen Countertops spaces that are both elegant and dark. The majority of Silestone Kitchen Countertops surface is composed of quartz, which makes it an ideal choice for Kitchen Worktops and bathrooms.


The colours of the Ethereal Silestone Worktops collection are inspired by the natural stone world. Therefore, each Silestone Quartz Countertops slab features its own unique colour and veins, which makes Silestone Kitchen Worktops an individual piece. Silestone Quartz Kitchen Worktops offers various textures and colours for interior decoration. The combination of Silestone Ethereal Noir Kitchen Remodelling worktops and a new kitchen is an ideal choice. This natural Ethereal Noir stone is made up of 94% quartz, which makes it incredibly robust and hard. Ethereal Noir Quartz Countertops can be used for various applications, such as kitchen worktops, bathroom floors, wall cladding, and more.

Quartz Worktops are the great choice for both bathrooms and kitchens due to its unique properties and vibrant colours. The wide range of colours available in the Silestone Quartz Kitchen worktops makes it a must-have for any kitchen. Ethereal Noir Kitchen Countertops have three different textures, such as suede, polished, and volcano. The Silestone Ethereal Noir Quartz Worktops is the part of the company’s range of quartz worktops. Ethereal Noir Kitchen worktops features a deep black surface that’s characterised by sparkling white veins that catch the light.


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