Ethereal Dusk Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 11, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The combination of the blue tone in its veins and the geometric directionality of the design makes Ethereal Dusk one the most modern Quartz Worktops collection. Ethereal Dusk Worktops made with the combination of recycled materials and minerals which give your space a beautiful and vibrant look. With Silestone Quartz HybriQ+ technology, Ethereal Dusk Quartz Countertops can maintain its beauty even after years of use. The rise of Silestone Worktops has led to significant changes in the Kitchen Worktops industry. Silestone Kitchen Worktops has become a standard in the field and has set the benchmark for contemporary Quartz Kitchen Worktops.


The Ethereal Dusk Quartz Worktops is a modern and urban design surface that features a bluish tone in its interior. The combination of directionality and urban aesthetics makes Ethereal Dusk Kitchen Countertops one of the most prominent designs in the collection. The Ethereal Dusk Silestone Countertops is a modern and contemporary marble design that adds a touch of class to Kitchen Countertops and bathroom spaces. Ethereal Dusk Kitchen Remodelling surface features a white marble look and grey-blue veins on the Silestone Quartz Countertops for a tranquil and relaxing environment. The four different shades of Silestone Kitchen Countertops collection, which are called Haze, Glow, Dusk, and Noctis, reflect the sky’s beauty.

Silestone Ethereal Dusk patterns have delicate marble veins that are set on a white background. The Quartz Kitchen worktop produced by Cosentino under the Ethereal Series label is named as Silestone Ethereal Dusk. Ethereal Dusk Kitchen Worktops bold appearance is subdued, the veins remain captivating. The various shades of Ethereal Dusk Silestone collection represent the ephemeral nature of the sky.  Ethereal Dusk Kitchen worktops feature rich and delicate veins set on a white marble surface that reflects the interactions of the sun’s rays and colours during the day and dusk.


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