Et. Statuario Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 10, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

Compared to Italian Carrara marble, the Eternal Statuario Kitchen countertop is incredibly bright white, with faint highlights in varying shades of grey. Silestone Et. Statuario sparkling brilliance and light-coloured stone make it an ideal choice for Kitchen Worktops. Whether you are planning on remodeling your Kitchen Countertops or bathroom countertops Eternal Statuario white quartz is a great choice. Eternal Statuario Worktops is also ideal for areas with heavy traffic, as it doesn’t require special care and it doesn’t have the same impact as other Quartz Kitchen Worktops surface. The characteristics of Et. Statuario Silestone Countertops make it incredibly resilient against various stains and chemical attacks.


Silestone Kitchen Countertops are also resistant to coffee, wine, olive oil, makeup, and other common household products. The Eternal Statuario Quartz Countertops Collection’s od Silestone Quartz features a quartz stone with a unique mechanical design that balances its white colour with the golden and grey vein.  Et. Statuario Kitchen Worktops stone is ideal for both modern and traditional architecture and interiors. Eternal Statuario Quartz Worktops are carefully crafted patterns and grey tones provide a classic and pure appearance. The Statuario from Italy was originally made from marble, and the Eternal Statuario Silestone Collection’s quartz stone takes its inspiration from this classic design.

Eternal Statuario Kitchen Countertops are easy to maintain and doesn’t require sealing. The Statuario Silestone Worktops features various mechanical properties that make it incredibly hygienic. Silestone Kitchen Worktops have low absorption rate and hardness, which make it ideal for Et. Statuario Kitchen Remodelling projects. The Et. Statuario Silestone Quartz Countertops can be found in slabs with a dimension of 3250x1590mm. Our Quartz Worktops allows for large-scale designs that require a sleek and modern look. The various types of Silestone Quartz Kitchen surfaces can be customised with a variety of colours and textures.


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