Cala Blue Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 8, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The Cala Blue Quartz Countertops by Silestone Quartz is the part of Sunlit Days collection. Cala Blue Worktops features a deep blue colour that’s designed to simulate the balance between the sea’s surface and the depth of the water. The Cala Blue Kitchen Worktops are the most sustainable product in the Silestone Worktops history. Our Silestone Quartz Countertops collection’s colours are made using HybriQ+ technology, which is a sustainable process that involves using a minimum of 20 percent recycled glass. The Cala Blue Kitchen Countertops is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Silestone Kitchen Countertops features a variety of colours and patterns that are designed to create a new sense of living.


The Cala Blue Silestone Countertops is inspired by the Mediterranean’s sun-drenched waters and the abundance of marine life in threatened reefs. Cala Blue Quartz Worktops are made from sustainable materials and can be used anywhere. This vibrant Cala Blue Kitchen Remodelling worktop is ideal for coastal or traditional kitchens due to its ability to replicate the equilibrium between the sea’s surface and the depths. Even though a Quartz Kitchen Worktops, kitchen island and modern lighting combination can look modern in traditional designs, you can still achieve a striking impact by adding a Silestone Cala Blue quartz accent.

Cala Blue Silestone worktops are made from 94% quartz and have a resin and pigment blend that adds a wow factor to any Kitchen Countertops. The non-porous nature of the Silestone Kitchen Worktops makes it an ideal choice for Kitchen Worktops. In addition to Cala Blue, there are also over 50 other colours of Silestone Quartz Worktops that can be used. The three different finishes are available for Silestone Quartz Kitchen worktops, they are polished, suede, and volcano. With the suede finish, Cala Blue Kitchen has a modern twist on traditional style.


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