Blanco Maple 14 Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by May 28, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The Blanco Maple 14 is part of the Silestone Quartz range. Blanco Maple 14 Silestone Worktops are ideal for any kitchen, and Blanco Maple 14 Worktops is a great choice for those who are looking for an off-white surface. The Blanco Maple 14 Kitchen Worktops features a white base with a tiny dot pattern that creates a sense of uniformity. Quartz Worktops are easy to maintain and can be used in any bathroom or kitchen. The smooth and robust finish of Silestone Kitchen Worktops makes them an ideal addition to both commercial and residential spaces. Blanco Maple 14 Silestone Countertops is a dream come true for any kitchen or bathroom.


Blanco Maple 14 Quartz Worktops versatile and various design styles, making it an ideal choice for any space. Our Silestone Kitchen Worktops durable and easy-to-maintain finish will last for a long time. The thickness of the Blanco Maple 14 Kitchen Countertops varies from 12mm to 30mm. The Silestone Kitchen Countertops can be customised with various finishes, such as suede, volcanic, and polished. The Cosentino range of Quartz Kitchen surfaces is designed to enhance the look of bathrooms and kitchens. Our Blanco Maple 14 Kitchen Remodelling features a variety of textures, and it can be used in various ways.

The Blanco Maple 14 Quartz Countertops is the Tropical Collection of the company’s Silestone range. We offer a wide range of Silestone Worktops colours and formats that can be utilised for different projects. Silestone Quartz Countertops flexibility allows you to create unique and efficient Kitchen Worktops. Blanco Maple 14 Silestone Quartz Kitchen Worktops available in 304 x 141 cm is standard, while the 325 x 159 cm. We suggest using 30mm and 20mm thicknesses for Kitchen Countertops or flooring. Blanco Maple 14 Kitchen various textures can be utilised for different applications.


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