Ariel Silestone Kitchen Worktops

by Jun 3, 2023Kitchen Worktop Company

The creamy and subtle Silestone Ariel features a combination of brown and beige veining that’s dispersed throughout the Silestone Kitchen Worktops stone. Ariel Quartz Worktops works well with traditional kitchen designs and is also ideal for modern kitchen and Ariel Kitchen Remodelling applications. The Ariel Quartz Countertops is part of the Silestone Quartz range, it features a marble-like surface that’s broken up by brown veining that can be found throughout the Ariel Silestone surface. Due to Ariel Worktops understated design, most people don’t realise that this product is suitable for Kitchen Countertops applications that range from a country-styled kitchen to a high-gloss unit.


Ariel Silestone Countertops comes with a long warranty and some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. Silestone Kitchen Countertops has become one of the most popular Quartz Kitchen Worktops products in the market. Ariel Silestone Kitchen Worktops are scratch-resistant, non-porous, and can be fitted seamlessly. One of the leading producers of quartz in the world is Silestone Quartz Countertops provides large-format slabs that are 3250mm x 1590mm. Silestone Worktops has a long warranty and is known for its exceptional shine and stain resistance. For enhanced lustre and better colour, the company has introduced N Boost.

Ariel Kitchen Worktops are made from 94% quartz and features resin and colour pigment, which makes Quartz Worktops incredibly scratch resistant and adds a certain amount of wow to any kitchen. In addition to Ariel Kitchen Countertops the company also produces other colours Kitchen Worktops which are sure to make your home look different. One of the most prominent brands of Quartz Kitchen worktops is Silestone, which is owned by Cosentino. Silestone Ariel Kitchen worktops features white marble-effect elegant veins and a creamy white background. Its vibrant and calm colour can be used to complement various furniture pieces.


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